Long WRE / Дълга

– 06/05 – Start list / Стартов списък – Long WRE – Дълга

– 06/05 – Results / Резултати – Long WRE – Дълга

– 06/05 – Splits / Сплитове – Long WRE – Дълга

Middle / Средна

– 05/05 – Start list / Стартов списък – Middle – Средна

– 05/05 – Results / Резултати – Middle – Средна

– 05/05 – Splits / Сплитове – Middle – Средна

Sprint / Спринт

– 04/05 – Start list / Стартов списък – Sprint – Спринт

– 04/05 – Results / Резултати – Sprint – Спринт

– 04/05 – Splits/ Сплитове – Sprint – Спринт

One Man Relay

– 03/05 – Start list / Стартов списък – One Man Relay

– 03/05 – Results / Резултати – One Man Relay

– 03/05 – Spits / Сплитове – One Man Relay


-02/05- NEW/НОВО: Bulletin #2 – Additional info for Velikden Cup 2013 / Допълнителна информация
-23/04- NEW: Bulletin #1 for Velikden Cup 2013 in PDF (1MB)
-23/04- НОВО: Бюлетин №1 за купа “Великден 2013” in PDF (1MB)
>>> Bulletin with technical information and lenghts for Velikden Cup 2013 in PDF (0,4MB)
>>> Бюлетин с дължини и техническа характеристика за купа “Великден 2013” in PDF (0,8MB)
>>>За традиционната подкрепа към клубовете от България, които участват с деца вижте повече тук.

VELIKDEN CUP 2013 – Four days of Orienteering during Orthodox Easter in the hearth of Bulgaria – Targovishte

Download the flyer for VELIKDEN CUP 2013 in PDF (2,62MB)

Thursday, May 2nd: Free trainings
Friday, May 3rd: DAY 1
Saturday, May 4th: DAY 2
Sunday, May 5th: DAY 3
Monday, May 6th: DAY 4, World Ranking Event (applied)
Competition center: Targovishte, Bulgaria

Изтеглете Наредба за купа “Великден” 2013″ in PDF (28-02-2013)

Dear Orienteers,

Exploring the wide oakforests of north-­eastern Bulgaria and getting an impression of Bulgarian cuisine and culture during orthodox Easter festivities: That’s what the orienteering event Velikden-Cup offers in 2013.

Maps and terrains. All competitions take place on new maps, mapped in late 2012 and early 2013 by Bulgaria’s well-known mapper Dian Bonev. The forests in Targovishte region are mainly mixed forests with big parts of oak and beech. Mainly very good runnability. Lots of little creeks, gullies, ditches, trenches, foxholes and rocks add some thrill to the interesting and hilly terrain. Last year’s maps: variant5.org/ velikdencup.

Attractions. «Variant 5»-Cup can easily be combined with an extended holiday in Bulgaria. From the event center it takes only two hours to the Black Sea coast.

Climate. Spring time climate in north-eastern Bulgaria is generally very mild (15 to 25 degrees Celsius), with a good chance of hot and sunny days – and some chance of refreshing rain.

Competition classes.
Women: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21E, 21B, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and open classes.
Men: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21E, 21B, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and open classes.

Punching system. For the competitions the electronical time-taking system SPORTident will be used. Competitors without their own SI badge may rent a badge.

Training possibilities. There is a wide range of training maps in Targovishte area suitable for trainings. Please let the organizer know your needs.

Results and Prizes. The four days of «Variant 5»-Cup are separate competitions. For each race, the first three runners in each class will be awarded a prize. The first three places in classes M21E and W21E on the WRE day will be honoured with prize money: 1st place 300 €, 2nd place 125 €, 3rd place 50 €.

Entry Fees. The entry fees including all four starts and a set of training maps will be:
35 €     for classes M/W12, 14
40 €     for M/W 16 up to W65 and M75
50 €     for M21E and W21E

Please note: We offer substantially reduced entry fees for competitors from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey – with the aim to support exchange within the region.

Deadline for Entries. Deadline for entries is April 20th, 2013. Online registration on
www.variant5.org/velikdencup/ is possible starting from November 1st, 2012. On spot you can register for open classes only.

Accommodation and special offers. We offer packages including all start fees, a set of training maps, transportation to the events and hotel accommodation for 100 EUR ­– four nights in Targovishte hotels, breakfast included. If you need assistance in finding suitable accommodation for bigger groups, please do not hesitate to contact us well in advance. If you are looking for upper class hotel accommodation we can assist you, too.

Organizing Committee. The event is organized by Orienteering Club «Variant 5» Targovishte, and by the Swiss supporting club of «Variant 5». Event directors: Dian Bonev (BUL), Marc Lettau  (SUI). information desk: info@variant5.ch.



Entries are now OPEN!

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Targovishte terrains

Here you can have an impression about the diversity of the terrains around Targovishte...

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