Event O-shirt

Here are the specially designed event clothes of Velikden Cup 2021

It’s a really nice present no matter if it’s for you or your friend. If you make an order in time the t-shirt will be ready and waiting for you at the information desk during Velikden Cup 2021. Of course we can order later on as well.

The company which is gonna sew the Event t-shirts and other products is Bryzos, successor of the well-known Bulgarian Siven Active Sport. Here you can find out which size do you need: https://www.bryzosport.com/size-chart and make your order in advance.

Race shirt – 25 Euro /50 BGN/.

Full mesh shirt – 20 Euro /40 BGN/ (not shown on the picture).

Vest – 25 Euro /50 BGN/.

Multifunctional headwear, buff – 5 Euro /10 BGN/.

Important: If you want to receive your T-shirt during the competition days you must make the order until 10th of April, Saturday. Otherwise you’ll get it later on.

You can send your orders to e-mail: teamcontact@variant5.org.

Please include the Sizes and the Amounts in the order as well as who is going to pay and collect the Event T-shirts during the competitions.



Entries are now OPEN! Foreigners register at cup.variant5.org/entry, Bulgarians at www.bgof.org.

Want an Event T-shirt 2021


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