Frequently Asked Questions

Is there public transport to Targovishte?
Yes. You may travel Sofia-Targoviste by train. The trip takes 5:30 hours. Trains depart from Sofia railwaystation for example at 10:05 and 13:15 o’clock. It is advisable, to buy a 1st class ticket (approx. 12 Euro) and to make a seat reservation, too. From Varna railwaystation the trip takes less than two hours. train departing e.g. at 07:45, 11:00, 12:50, 17:25 and 22:30 o’clock. For more details check the internet timetable: http://www.bdz.bg
Targovishte as well is destination of several bus companies. By bus the trip Sofia-Targovishte takes about 5 hours. For more details check: http://www.centralnaavtogara.bg/

Is it difficult to travel by rent-a-car?

No. The main roads Sofia-Targovishte and Varna-Targoviste are in good shape. From Sofia-Airport just travel east – without crossing the inner city of Sofia. Please note: it is not possible to rent cars in Targovishte; please make your choice in Sofia or Varna.

Will shops be closed during Easter holidays?
No, most supermarkets and the vegetable markets will be open 7 days a week.

Are Targovishte restaurants affordable?
Definitely. Dining out is not expensive for foreign guests.

Do we need a visa?
If you are citizen of a EU-memberstate or of Switzerland, you do not need a visa – but a valid passport. Bulgaria is not yet a Schengen-memberstate. If you are citizen of a non EU-memberstate, you may need a visa (e.g.. Turkey). But we can assist you in getting a visa.

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Targovishte terrains

Here you can have an impression about the diversity of the terrains around Targovishte...

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